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Nobody expects the whole world to experience the moment in which every person can’t go anywhere like it used to. The virus comes to us suddenly. Yeah, COVID-19 made up our habit change. Nowadays, all people must keep social distancing, all students must learn from home, many workers being discharged from their office and etc. That condition also influenced the economy of citizens and change the culture of the world. At the same time as a teacher, we are required to renew teaching and necessitate transforming the entire learning design and method to help the government preventing the spread of the virus. It means that the challenges and obstacles for teachers are increasingly difficult.

According to those reasons, the English Department Student Association which known as HIMABIG granted to adjust the event “WEBINAR MELTC 2020” with the theme “Challenges and Strategies in Virtual EFL Classroom”. MELTC (Muhammadiyah English Language Teaching Conference) itself is an annual program and fully supported by the English department in Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya. The event itself is totally different from last year. A year ago we could join the event face to face and meet the speakers immediately in a building while for this year we did it through virtual meeting.

This event was carried out on Friday, July 24, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., online through the zoom conference app and followed by more than 200 viewers. Furthermore, it’s being broadcast live on youtube. Do you know who the speakers are? Yeah, that’s right, there are two speakers. Dr.Zurina Khairuddin is the first speaker from Malaysia that delivers a golden knowledge about “Students’ Readiness and their Coping Strategies in Virtual Learning Experience: A Malaysian Perspective”. Additionally, Dr.Dwijani Ratnadewi M.Pd. the second speaker from Indonesia talks about many things about digital learning and the strategy for Virtual Classroom for teachers and learners.

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